Top 5 Dieting & Fat Loss Myths Debunked

Myth #1

Fasted cardio burns more fat

Truth: It doesn’t matter what time you do cardio. Morning, midday, evening, night, burning calories is burning calories. Don’t stress out about what time you do your cardio, just do it. At the end of the day burning 400 calories on the treadmill is burning 400 calories on the treadmill. Your body doesn’t give 2 shits what time you burn these calories. Don’t stress the timing, just get it done.


Myth #2

Not eating breakfast is bad

Truth: No, it’s not. Eating breakfast isn’t going to change the amount or speed of weight you lose. Eating breakfast does not jumpstart your metabolism up. I am not telling you not to eat breakfast; I am telling you that it’s not a big deal. Consider this, if you’re eating 2000 calories in one day its always going to be 2000 calories. If you consume 2000 calories including breakfast, or you skipped breakfast and still ate 2000 calories, you still ate 2000 calories on that day. There is no science to back this myth up, only bogus studies that don’t prove anything. If you like to eat breakfast eat breakfast; if you don’t like to eat breakfast don’t eat breakfast.


Myth #3

Eating more meals throughout the day will “turn on your metabolic furnace.”

No, no, no eating every 3 hours doesn’t speed up your mentalism it just makes you anti-social. The amount of meals you eat isn’t going to change the rate at which your metabolism expends calories. Let’s look at this from a base level; we have protein, carbs, and fat as fuel sources. The way we lose weight is by manipulating these 3 macronutrients I.E dropping caloric intake. Eat the amount of meals that makes you happy, end of story.


Myth #4

You need to eat certain “clean foods” to lose weight

Truth: While it is healthier to eat “clean food” it doesn’t do anything noticeable to your weight loss. You can eat really healthy and also be really fat; you can eat shitty and be very lean and fit. The key is to be fit and healthy, not just fit or healthy. Regarding fat loss, a carb is a carb, fat is fat, and protein is protein. If you hit your target numbers regarding your program and you’re on a caloric deficit, you will lose weight. You should still eat 75-90% clean foods for your own health, and longevity, but not specifically to lose weight.


Myth #5

You can change your metabolism in weeks

Truth: You’re fucked. Your metabolism is your metabolism. Everyone has something called a BMR (Basil Metabolic Rate) and you can’t change it in a matter of weeks. Your BMR is how many calories you burn while at rest. What you’re actually doing by working out, doing cardio, and taking fat burners is expending more calories. You’re not “increasing your body’s ability to burn fat.” Now, you can raise your metabolism over time by building muscle, and lifting more weight in the gym; however that doesn’t happen in weeks. What people actually mean to say is that you can burn more calories doing more physical activity in the short term. Building your metabolism is a long term journey of muscle and strength building.

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