Physique Development Workout Routine



After working out for about ten years, I have tried almost every workout split/routine known to bodybuilding.

I have designed the workout routine that provides the perfect mix between hypertrophy (muscle Building days) 

and neurological adaptation Power days (Strenth Building).

This is the PowerBuilder, a workout routine tailored to the beginner or intermediate looking to build a foundation of Muscle, Power, and Strength.

Powerlifting + Bodybuilding 

With the purchase of this workout routine, you will also receive a progression scheme to follow, and PDF containing some of the best instructional videos in bodybuilding, covering every exercise in the workout routine.

+ Workout Tips to optimise your gains 

+ Mobility & Stretching Routine 


You will have everything you need to go 0-100 real quick.


(If you do not receive your plan within 48 hours, email me at to resolve the issue).


This workout routine is non-refundable.