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Do you want to know exactly how much and what kinds of food to eat and how to workout for your body by getting a fully Custom made body/physique Transformation program?

Is this you? 

  • Are you eating clean and healthy foods but can’t seem to get rid of stubborn body fat, you’re wondering WTF am I doing wrong?
  • Working your ass off nearly every day at the gym but still not getting the results you crave?
  • Are you getting tons of contradicting information from several sources?

I get you, you’re in the right place


We build custom programs that work specifically for your body and guarantee results. How you may be wondering? By asking the right questions from you and creating a program that is 100% built for you and your body/physique goals. This isn’t some cookie cutter, buy my PDF with a workout on it crap, this is full 100% Custom premium online coaching with an emphasis on communication between coach and client.

Here is the no Bullshit Truth 

“It’s not only possible but practical to achieve the body/physique you want and probably a lot faster than you may be expecting.”

This is the 100% Truth.

Let’s be real here guys.

I have helped tons of people all over the U.S do just that.

Every one of these people had completely different programs, these are people ranging from diabetics who needed to get in better health, simply needing to get mobile and change eating habits to natural bodybuilders and powerlifters, in other words, high-performance athletes.

Here is why you aren’t getting results- In order to achieve powerful and life changing results you need to jump out of your comfort zone and make some dramatic and life changing decisions. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE DECISIONS!

With you coming on board the coaching program you’re given the hands on, personalized, high-level help that has been proven to work for tons of others who have fully committed themselves to this program.

You joining right now is simply about you having the step-by-step, 1 on 1 help tailored-to-you, making sure that you’re on the right program with the right protocols for immediate results.

  • You will have a simple, easy to follow macronutrient and meal plan that will be made from scratch on the spot by me, with attention to even the slightest details, tailored for your needs.
  • Workouts are also hand crafted just for you, every workout, every exercise, every set, every rep, from day 1 to day 101 is programmed just for you, so all the guessing work is taken care of by me so that you can focus on hitting your workouts and making gains, shredding fat.
  • You have me working with you on a personal level throughout your entire physique/body/health transformation. Answering all questions, addressing all concerns and ensuring that progress is made every week!
  • Don’t be sucked into the bullshit Instagram cookie cutter diet challenges or the random 6 meal a day bodybuilder diets in the magazines, they were not made for you, so you can’t expect them to bring results to you.
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Find out How You Can Get The Custom Plan To Personally Take your results to the next level, get that body/physique you crave!

Let me be honest here, I have been where you are, in fact, my situation was pretty bad.

At 13 years old, yes I know I was young, whatever. Anyways, at 13 years old I was jumped, humiliated, a little fat kid with no confidence, man boobs, couldn’t do one god forsaken pushup. Guys, I hated myself and my body so much I nearly commit suicide, hell the kids at school were telling me to.

Getting myself in the gym, learning about food, losing body fat, building muscle, IT LITERALLY, I mean literally in every sense of the world saved my life.






Well as you can clearly see, I’m still here. Not only am I alive but I have completely solved all of my health & body problems I have completely transformed my life. My man boobs, gone, I have 6 pack abs all year round, I have been able to Benchpress 355 at only 176.5 bodyweight, deadlift 500 at around 170, squatting around 455 at 180. Even though strength is not my goal.

I’m not bragging but when I started It was embarrassing to be seen shirtless, had no confidence when looking for a date, felt utterly worthless, couldn’t even perform 1 body weight squat. Literally, guys, pressing the bar on the bench press was difficult for me…

Truth me when I say this, no matter where you’re starting, it’s not only possible to make a 360 body and life transformation, but you could get started tomorrow, this is the most powerful move you could make RIGHT NOW to transform your body, health, and life.

Here are a few Examples of some body/physique transformations including my own.

-50 lbs While dealing with Diabetes, all while recovering from injury.
Gained muscle, Gained Strength while losing 21 pounds of body fat in 100 day
– 12 LBS body fat + 60 pounds of total strength to squat, bench, deadlift, it was her first time in the gym!





90 day shred down




-33 Pounds in 3 Months, while adding thickness to Back, shoulders, and arms, while massively increasing gym performance and learning to balance gym, diet, work and persoanl life. 

How would you like to have a custom macro nutrient based meal plan and workouts created just for you… A plan where you can eat the foods you love, that fits your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Immediately after your 1 on 1 call with me, I get to work crafting your program.

Here’s how the process works

  • Step 1 – Complete your application, press submit, the next screen will link you to where you can book a call with me, book the call!
  • Step 2– Have our 1 on 1 consultation so we can create your meal plan and workouts tailored to your specific needs.
  • Step 3– Your entire plan arrives Via email, you get your workout program, macro nutrient diet plan, full instructions and personal support from me. This is your first email check-in, you will be sending before pictures, any concerns you forgot to mention on the phone and any body measurements you would like to track and change.

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Meet your Online Coach

Jordan Miller

Body/physique and health specialist, Author, car guy, Youtube Vlogger and cookie monster.

I know how ridiculously frustrating things can be when you’re seemingly working your ass off but the results just aren’t following…

This is why you need a plan for your body, one that you can easily follow.

You will be able to watch your body change week by week never being confused on what to do, ever again.

Let me show you the way to real results, I promise you if you dedicate yourself to this, making this decision will be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Here is everything you will get once you join our Custom Program + Coaching 

  • The initial 1 on 1 Skype or phone Consultation ($200 Value) This is where you will be talking with me privately to cover all the little details and info needed to build the best-personalized plan.
  • The Individualized client Assessment ($99 Value) This is where we will go over your workout and diet history, lifestyle, metabolism, etc. This is to make sure all of your needs are uniquely covered.
  • Custom macro nutrient based nutrition program ($200 Value) You hear it all the time because it’s true, nutrition is one of the biggest components to transforming your body/physique and health. Your nutrition program will not only tell you which foods to eat but how much of them to eat. You will also be able to fit in fun foods like ice cream, pizza, and cookies on occasion and this all fits into the program.
  • Custom Workout Program built from scratch ($200 Value) Your training and workout program will be designed specifically for you and only you. Depending on your needs this could include over 100 days of workouts, exercises, weight, reps, sets, cardio, mobility work and more. Again the workout program is based on you, we won’t give you any program that overwhelms you or under works you. This program is 100% Tailored to you, your goals and your specific needs.
  • Weekly check-ins, monthly meetings and full 24/7 Support ($200 Value) Every week we will have one full email check-in, this is where you report back to me, all questions and concerns are answered, any changes to your diet or training will also be made at this time. You will have full access to me 7 days per week through Facebook, text and group support in our private facebook group! We will also have one 30 minutes skype meeting per month when needed, if you live in my area we can schedule a 30 minute in person coffee meeting when needed. We will work together week to week to make sure you’re achieving the results you deserve! Our constant communication will ensure speedy results and no hiccups as you may experience without a premium 1 on 1 Fitness Coach.
  • This is a $899 Value you get straight away

For a 4th the price of the cost of your average personal trainer you can get all of this and have a premium fitness coach personally coaching you step by step

You can pay your local personal trainer $500-1200 a month, and still not get the proven experience and expertise needed to give you the body/physique transforming results you want.
You don’t need a trainer that’s going to ‘count your reps’.
You’re reading this because you want the best, and you want results… And that’s why our Premium 1 on 1 coaching program is for you.
And that’s why you can join our 1 on 1 physique coaching program for only: $299 p/mo.
That’s saving you at least $200 compared to your local trainer, and if you’re in a big city area like L.A, this may be saving you over $1,000 a month.
But, in order to receive this heavily discounted rate, there is one small catch: the above rate is only guaranteed for those individuals who act now and apply.

Reserve your free consultation Right at this moment, you know you want to!

To make sure this is 100% the best possible choice for you, I will personally talk you through everything showing you exactly whats needed for you to get the body and health you want.

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