About Me

Hi, I’m Jordan Miller, Online Fitness Coach and Youtube Lifestyle Vlogger

Here’s a little about me: I’m an internet entrepreneur, Youtube Vlogger, Natural Bodybuilder, Online Fitness Coach, Car Guy, Future world traveler.

The purpose of Success By Design is to be an eye opener, to show you that every thought you think, and every move you make is designing your success in life.

It’s you vs. you, if you’re here you probably know that already, your not going to settle for anything less than extraordinary.

SBD provides a source of motivation and the tools you need to design your physique, get bigger, leaner, stronger, and much more confident in who you are.

I have been training for about 10 years and love every second of it.

At 13 years old in middle school I was jumped by 2 bigger kids for no other reason, just to humiliate me. My right leg twisted awkwardly and I was told I would need a knee replacement by 25 if I could walk on that leg at all. I was out of school for about 3 months bed ridden, nobody liked me, I didn’t have many friends, and girls had no interest in me because I was labeled as “Faggot” which is the world kids my age used to alienate other kids that were different. I didn’t have any purpose, I couldn’t find any reason to be alive other than to play video games. There were two very clear options kill myself or create a life with meaning, I chose to live! The second my leg healed I was on a mission to validate who I wanted to become, so I stepped into the gym a loser and came out a fighter. As I got more into health and fitness, I started to have a few followers, made friends with people I wanted to be friends with, and got a GF. A couple of years following I decided to compete in an OCB Natural Bodybuilding competition at 15 years old, I got into the best shape of my life and became hungry for success. I competed twice more before the age of 17 and placed well. After I had learned how to manipulate my body for almost 5 years I wanted to help others, for about a year I did it for free, then decided to make a little money on the side while I was helping people. When it all comes down to it, fitness may have saved my life and I owe it to the world to save other lives, that’s why fitness coaching is a part of Success By Design.