Top 5 Booty Building Exercises

1. Barbell Hip Thrusts


To begin this movement you will need a bench and a barbell. Start out sitting horizontal on the bench, pick the bar up and rest it on your lap. The bar will be resting across your hips at this point. If you have never done the movement before, before using any amount of weight, get the movement right! Slide down into the floor, get your shoulder blades and your head resting on the bench, with the barbell right across your hips holding onto it the whole time. Feet should be flat and the legs should be at a 90 degree bend. The movement will begin with you dropping your hips down to the ground. Don’t let them touch the ground but get a good stretch in them. Now press through your heels, squeezing your glutes together; push the barbell back up towards the ceiling. Come back down and push up. If there is one exercise that targets your upper butt it’s this. It will build the overall thickness of the booty.

2. Barbell Squats


Anyone that wants to build a booty needs to be doing squats. Squats are the mother of all lower body exercises, and are the foundation of building the booty. To start, place your feet shoulder length apart resting the bar on your shoulders with your toes at a comfortable outward position. With your chest up and pressing your hips back begin lowering your body, as if you were about to sit in a baby chair. Stop the movement when the hip joint is slightly lower than the knees. While putting pressure through the heals lead with your chest while pushing your hips forward using those glutes to raise yourself into the top position. Congrats, you have just performed a barbell squat.

3. Stiff Legged Deadlifts


To begin the stiff legged deadlift hold a couple of doubles by your side or grab a barbell and stand up straight with your legs faced apart about shoulder width; your knees should be slightly bent. This will be your starting position. Keep your knees stationary and back straight, exhale and lower the dumbbells over the top of your feet by flexing your hips and setting your butt back; keep moving forward as if you were going to pick something up from the floor. Continue this motion until you feel a stretch on the hamstrings, then inhale and start raising your torso back up again by extending your hips until you’re back at the starting position. Make sure throughout the whole movement to have the shoulders rolled back and the chest up high, never letting your back round out. This is a great exercise for the lower portion of your glutes, to help create that lifted booty and also tighten up the hamstrings and to keep cellulite away.

4. Walking Lunges


To start the walking lunge step out a nice length squat down to a 90 degree angle using the leg you stepped out with, with the opposite leg placed knee almost touching the ground floor and leg pointing behind you. Slowly come back up switching your step out legs and repeat. Make sure your chest stays up and your shoulders stay pinned back so that your back doesn’t round, and go get it. This is a great exercise to isolate the entire booty one cheek at a time.

5. One Leg Squat


Just as you would a conventional squat take the same form; simply find a bench to put behind you, stretch your other leg back and place your foot on the bench. Time to squat, time to focus on that single cheek. When you’re finished with one leg simply take the other leg of the bench behind you, place your other leg on the bench and begin to squat. On this exercise a smith machine squat rack is preferable over a free weight barbell squat simply because you can focus on the muscle without worrying about stabilizing yourself as much as you would need to on a free weight squat. This is a great exercise to isolate one butt cheek just as walking lunges, but in this case you are taking out all of the stabilizing need in free weight lunges and fully isolating the booty.

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