5 Things I hate about MyFitnessPal


  1. Premium I love the idea of premium, and I must say premium was much overdue, and is well worth it for some people. However for the majority of individuals that don’t use every single feature the app has to offer, $10 a month is a bit pricey. It’s hardly justifiable for the majority of people that don’t count their macros 24/7, year round. $3 a month would be a great price in my opinion; that would be a more valuable price for the majority of users. Either way, this is a bold and brave move by Under Armour.
  1. Apps & Devices As if MyFitnessPal wasn’t becoming complex enough, now we have a plethora of apps to choose from. Trying to use and understand every setting and option on this app is already a handful; having a ton of other apps and devices linked to MyFitnessPal makes it feel like it’s trying to be the “Facebook of fitness apps” when I think it would be better as “the snapchat of fitness apps.”
  1. Needs better Food Creation Vetting It would be shockingly easy to sabotage new MyFitnessPal users, spamming incorrect macros all over their search engine if you wanted to. You can pretty much enter anything into their database with any sort of macros and it ‘s not really vetted well. If I am a new MyFitnessPal user I may actually believe that giant bowl of lasagna and meatballs only had 800 calories, 100 grams of protein, 50 grams of carbs, and 22 grams of fat. When in reality the protein is probably half that with the fat doubled and the carbs tripled. Things that don’t add up should be vetted and deleted more successfully.
  1. Shop Fitness Gear I love MyFitnessPal but with a premium version + a link to Under Amours clothing it’s starting to feel much less personal and much more like a premium marketplace for fewer people. If you’re just using the app to count macros, then you probably aren’t also looking to buy clothing, just to count macros and learn your body.
  1. Becoming too complex It’s easy to reminisce the old days when MyFitnessPal owned MyFitnessPal; I was able to count macros with nothing more than the occasional ads. I understand that banner ads and pre-role ads aren’t as efficient as they used to be regarding ad revenue but MyFitnessPal is getting really cluttered. I miss the purity and simplicity of the original version, that MyFitnessPal represented. Now we have premium, app affiliates, steps per day, Under Armour sales plugins, affiliate devices, challenges, blogging, etc. The point is, if anything more is added to this app I believe it would be running too far from its routes.


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