1 on 1 Online Coaching Month To Month

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Email me for your Questionnaire after your purchase at Jordanonlinecoach@gmail.com

-Custom workout program, progression model, weight, sets, reps.

-Custom Macronutrient program or meal plan

-Weekly check-ins and adjustments to program every 7 days

-My personal phone number (Text me when you have questions that can’t wait.)

– Example question – Can I fit this cookie into my macros tonight?

-Video call once a month if needed

-3 Weekly pictures are required

-This is a serious program for people who want serious results, this is no cookie cutter BS diet and workout plan from some shredded guy in Instagram, this is a premium online coaching service.

-You will need a body weight scale for morning weigh-ins, and a food scale to weigh your food

-It’s your responsibility to check in with me On time, Every Week. Your communication is key, your success is a collaborative effort. I need 110% from you!

If you signed up for online coaching, it is CRITICAL that you:

-email me immediately after purchase to receive your questionnaire

-email: Jordanonlinecoach@gmail.com

Keep everything on one email thread I can’t stress this one enough, it’s absolutely imperative that we keep everything on one email thread throughout the coaching program.

-50 lbs
ALPHA100 + Coaching
– 12 LBS body weight + 60 pounds of total strength to squat, bench, deadlift




90 day shred down